Tea Drinking – An Easy Way To Tackle Weight Loss in Increase Health

Many people are under the mistaken assumption that drinking tea is not something that should be encouraged. This is not entirely wrong, but tea itself is not why it’s true. Milk and sugar are often added to tea, which can be quite bad to regularly have as part of your diet. However, tea is very good for you on its own, in particular natural high antioxidant teas like green tea or white tea. Tea helps by increasing metabolism and decreasing appetite in people who drink it naturally. For example, new research clearly showed a decrease in reported “desire for food” among those that took green tea supplements each day. There are various kinds of teas out there, from green to oolong teas, all with their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you hear anyone bring up Chinese tea, they probably think about the health benefits immediately. White tea is now taking off in popularity after having been used in China for centuries to improve health. White tea is different than green tea, and it’s considered more “aromatic” as well. This tea helps remove the amount of blood borne toxins that you typically have, and has high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants help reduce your risk of cancer and cardiac related diseases by reducing free radicals in your body. A particular type of white tea known as ‘Silver Needle’ is often used to treat fever and inflammation and has some sound scientific basis for its claims to do so.

Varied Chinese Tea OptionsWhy Green Tea is Such a Popular Choice

Green tea is often the preferred choice for those new to using tea to help them live a healthier life. It’s easy to see why once you look at the science behind it. Studies have found that green tea actually contains something called EGCG which helps people lose weight and lower cholesterol. Green tea, because it’s not processed in any way, has these ingredients in their most natural forms and at the highest concentrations. There are many forms of antioxidants found in green tea as well, such as polyphenols, which have been shown to be quite effective in reducing cancer risk and improving overall health. Reserach on this is so one sided in favor of green tea’s benefits, that doctors are now directly prescribing green tea supplements (highly concentrated forms of the tea) to their patients.

Other Types of Teas

There are more types of teas out there than green and white. A lot of people are now drinking two different teas called Puerh and Black tea. Puerh is very popular because it helps people lose weight. It contains specific ingredients which have been shown in lab studies to boost metabolism directly. It also works in a way that directly reduces plaque buildup in arteries by reducing lipid production in our cells. Lipids are the things that cause fat to be stored in our bodies, a complex protein that is attacked by the unique antioxidants in tea. Studies have shown that people significantly reduce their weight with a tea like Puerh with little modification to their diet.

Oolong tea (another name for black tea) is another alternative to any of these choices. Black teas are fermented for long periods to draw out flavors and enhance taste. As a result, they contain new antioxidants not found in other teas that are produced during fermentation. Theaflavins, for example, have been proven in studies to reduce the frequency of cell degradation. In addition, the same ingredients listed above for weight loss have also been found in black teas. Oolong tea is a great alternative as well because it helps remove risk of cancer, help increase longevity and even improve blood circulation in the body.

HCG Drops Vs. Injections for Weight Control

As we’ve discussed in the past, the HCG diet protocol is one of the most popular and effective weight loss treatments in the world today. Compared to traditional methods, people who use HCG will lose more total weight over the course of any diet program. The reasons for this are simple. The hormone works by directly boosting your metabolism in your brain and decreasing your appetite. The effects are so pronounced, that in numerous studies people will lose roughly 400 to 500% more total fat than just by cutting calories alone. These results are highly reliable, as the studies have shown. On average, people using this hormone would lose 20 or more pounds per 30 day period. This level matches up well with the goal of most physicians, who have identified in the past that people who lose weight more quickly are much more likely to succeed in the long term.

The HCG diet has always been offered in injections taken each day, but recent moves from researchers have pushed into other alternative methods to enable more people to take this great treatment. A new administration method had been making headway in recent years prompted by wide adoption with clinicians and their patients. Oral drops of HCG are now commonly taken in place of injections, and offer the same great results as studies have shown. A person need only place this under their tongue a few times per day and they will generate the same results as they would with the daily intravenous administration. However, there are still things to consider before diving into one method or the other as part of your protocol.

Injections vs Oral DropsOral Droplets vs Injections: Advantages and Things to Watch For

Injections are widely prescribed by doctors, as they can be mixed yourself on demand. They are also very effective, delivering the dosage directly to your body. Yet, as so many people have found out, it can be difficult, expensive and painful to commit to daily injections. Oral drops, however, are much less expensive and easier to take. You have to take them more often, unfortunately, and there are some major things to keep in mind before selecting any HCG drops for oral consumption.

There are many different types of HCG drops being sold today, and most of them are what are known as “homeopathic” or hormoneless products. These do not contain any actual HCG and instead claim that they “simulate” the same effect with some kind of amino acids. This is patently false, and there’s no scientific basis for these claims. Only actual HCG, such as from a product like from the well known HCG plus drops from http://www.hcgplusdrops.com, will actually work as demanded by the protocol. A minimum of 150 IUs of the hormone is required each and every day in order to induce weight loss as seen in the studies on the diet. This means that anything that claims to be “doing the same thing” without the real glycoprotein ingredient is heavily misrepresenting reality.

Yes, injections are a fantastic way to lose weight on the HCG diet, but if you do choose to go down the HCG drops route there are a few ways you can protect yourself from these fake products. There are simple ways to tell fakes from the real thing, just by what they contain. Firstly, the product should clearly indicate how much of the hormone it contains and list it in either IUs (the most common measurement) or milligrams of purified powder. Secondly, no real HCG can go without refrigeration once opened, and it should have a relatively short lifespan. Real HCG degrades over time when exposed to air, and it’s a sure sign it’s not the real hormone if this isn’t indicate anywhere. Lastly, no alcohol should be in the product. This means that if the product contains alcohol as its base ingredient, it will not actually work as intended with the diet.

Garcinia Cambogia – Combination with Other Supplements to Enhance Results

Many people have likely heard about a new weight loss supplement called Garcinia Cambogia recently.  If you have not, this is a novel treatment for obesity that’s gaining a lot of steam with physicians and their patients.  There’s been numerous studies which have shown this method cuts appetite, helps burn fat in your body by absorbing lipids which is what fats are converted into, and also burns your fat as well with a higher metabolism. This is why it’s grown so popular in recent years, as millions lose weight rapidly with these methods.

Garcinia cambogia comes from a plant, a fruit in particular, found in India and Africa.  It contains a particular substance, often denoted as HCA, which has a huge benefit for the user’s body.  Typically this helps induce thermogensis (fat burning through body heat) and prevents fat absorption in the body.  This is called hydroxycitric acid, only found in this plant.  Scientists discovered these benefits for weight loss after much trial and error, but it’s now being formed into natural extract supplements so that people can take it each day.

How the Use of Garcinia Works

Best Garcinia CambogiaThis method is maintained for a period lasting several months, and garcinia actually improves the users health overall.  You do not have to have a prescription to try the diet, but you do need to adhere to a more natural food intake.  This allows you to lose weight more quickly than just by trying to take garcinia alone.  Studies did verify that without even changing diet, users lost 10 pounds or more per month using garcinia cambogia extract (assuming it was high in HCA).  However, those that dieted lost much much more than just trying to diet without the use of this extract.

You can, additionally, take Garcinia with other supplements as well.  Certain types of ingredients act differently than Garcinia, and can help you lose even more weight.  For example, HCG and garcinia together work very well, as HCG works through sending signals to your brain and garcinia works on stored fat directly.  There’s really no problems doing so, as long as you follow a natural and organic diet along the way as these require.

Garcinia is a completely natural ingredient that helps people lose weight, as a result, side effects from its use are quite limited.  There are certain cases where people actually do experience some minor changes, but these come primarily from any diet changes they commit to not the HCA or garcinia extract itself.  As always, you need to make sure that the dosages are rational and controlled and not try to “go all out” expecting massive unattainable results overnight.  However, for the most part, garcinia doesn’t negative interact with most medicines.  It’s always best to talk to a doctor prior if you’re on any prescription medicines of course.

Combining methods to reach your ultimate goal is a good way to succeed on any weight loss program.  Garcinia cambogia works by directly changing how your body digests and uses the food and fat it has stored.  This is one way to lose weight, but it’s not the only way.  As a result, you can add in other products that act in a different manner.  It’s important to only select methods which actually have clinical support for their efficacy and not dive into any trends or fads.  Garcinia is not a fad, it has hundreds of studies showing its effectiveness for users.


The Paleo Diet – A Modern Method for Weight Control Gaining Steam

More so than with other diets out there today, the paleo diet is gaining support rapidly among clinicians and their patients.  This likely comes as no surprise for many who have heard of this diet, and read the studies.  This diet is based upon the “stone age” or “caveman” style plans.  The studies on this topic have identified a method that is not only highly effective, but safe for users in need of rapid and significant weight loss as well.

The Paleo diet bases the foods you eat upon the typical foods our species ate before the agricultural development of farming some 10,000 years ago.  Our species evolved as a nomadic group, which ate whatever food was available at the time.  This is what best serves our biology, according to this program.  Much research actually supports the intake of lean meats and natural fruits and vegetables as a highly effective way to lose weight and keep healthy.  As a result, the paleo diet has grown as a methodology used by many today.

Food Groups that are Part of the Paleo Diet

Food that is permitted on this dieet method are things like fibrous vegetables, meats/fish, berries and fruits and nuts or seeds.  The human species has been eating these foods for around 2.5 million years.  As a result these foods are what we can digest and deal with easiest.  Most of the food available today, particularly the processed garbage that most people eat, hasn’t existed in our diet for more than a few hundred years.  Our bodies just do not run properly on this type of food, and better quality and more natural ingredients are required to slose weight and stay healthy.

The kinds of modern foods that are removed as part of the paleo diet include: grains, legumes, dairy, processed oils, or highly processed foods such as anything with corn syrup in it.  These things are found in thousands of foods we typically consume at our local grocery stores.  Avoiding them as it turns out is one of the safest and most effective methods to lose weight and stay healthy.

Food Choices for Paleo DietAdvantages to the Paleo Diet

There are many reasons to go on this diet, as there is s a huge list of concerns that are closely tied to maintaining a poor diet.  By far the most deadly things in the world today are the diseases humans develop from a poor diet.  In order to achieve the best results possible. you need to take in the right nutrients into your body, otherwise you risk problems down the road.

The structure of the paleo diet is designed to augment the needs of your body directly.  Feeding our body the right foods help our metabolism, help decrease appetite and help us lose weight.  This shouldn’t be a huge surprise for those that have tried cutting out some of their processed foods before (such as soda, which often results in significant and rapid weight loss on its own).

Two Major Payoffs for this Strategy

1) Cutting Your Risk of Disease

There are interactions that exist between your body and your environment, what kind of foods you’re eating as well as your health and performance.  Diet and nutrition all have a huge impact on your body and your health, which is no surprise.  The paleo diet has been proven to cut fat in many studies on this topic, allowing users to quickly lose weight, stay healthy, and cut their risk of disease.  Many of the world’s biggest killers are things related to obesity and weight gain such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as hypertension.  All of these are closely related to the foods you eat and your diet.

2) Improving the Performance of Your Body 

Your genes and the food you eat have major impacts on your physiology, which is no surprise.  Your health and body performance have a huge impact on your livelihood and your mood as well.  Your digestive and immune systems are highly dependent upon the foods you eat and the dieting you undertake.  The healthier you eat the better your body will feel and you as well.  The nutrients we eat every day have a huge impact on the signals of our body to our brain and how much energy we produce.  For paleo diet methods, we are better adapted to digest and process these sorts of foods.  In addition, they have almost all of the nutrients we need to lose weight and feel healthy.  As a result they offer some stellar benefits for patients.

The HCG Diet – A Rapid Weight Loss Program For the 21st Century

You’ve probably at some point heard of the HCG hormone.  Whether you heard about it from pregnancy scares, or test strips, or from its recent media attention due to its weight loss properties, you likely know about it.  Even if you don’t, the HCG hormone is fairly easy to understand: it’s the hormone women produce during their monthly cycle or when they’re pregnant.  The HCG diet has also hit the markets of late as a natural and effective weight loss treatment that helps boost a person’s metabolism and decrease their appetite.

Rapid HCG Weight Loss TechniquesThe HCG diet was first theorized and tested by Dr. ATW Simeons in the 1950s.  He noticed that woman have a higher metabolic rate during pregnancy, as their body is producing energy for two people.  As such he tried out the treatment on many people who needed to lose weight.  The results were staggering, with the average person losing between 20 to 30 pounds each and every month of use.  For this reason, millions of people have now tried the HCG diet to help them lose weight and have succeeded.

The HCG diet works in two unique ways.  It boosts the users metabolism directly, through biochemical signals sent to the brain, as well as decreases the person’s appetite.  These effects are unique to this hormone and are not found in any other known substances.  When a person goes on the HCG diet protocol they actually have to do several things as part of that diet in order to succeed.  It’s not as simple as just taking the hormone and going back to your old habits.  There are three phases each designed enable people to lose weight effectively and continuously throughout the program.

How the HCG Diet Works and How You Can Give It a Try

The HCG diet is broken down into three distinct phases, each with a specific goal in mind to enable people to lose weight.  It works by directly boosting metabolism, but in order to see real results, people must go on a reduced calorie diet.  This is possible because of the appetite suppressing effects of the hormone as well.  Phase one of the diet lasts only two to three days but is a period of gorging during which the person takes HCG.  After that, phase two is designed to reduce calories to 500 to 700 per day for a period of up to 57 days.  Whereas phase three is designed for the period after the hormone and allows you to maintain the weight that’s been lost indefinitely.

HCG has been administered via injections for many years, however, in recent years it’s also been administered often via oral droplets placed under the user’s tongue.  This is a much better way of taking the hormone, as it’s completely pain-free and easily administered to patients.  However, not all hcg are real.  Sure real products exist out there, like hcgdropspure.com, however these are the exception to the general rule.  Most manufacturers nowadays are only selling what they like to call “hormone-free” or homeopathic HCGs which don’t contain any of the actual hormone.  It’s important to consider dosage of HCG when taking the hormone orally.

In order to achieve the results seen in studies, users must take in at least 150 IUs of the hormone per day sublingually.  However, these products almost never contain even 1 IU per day, which is why they’re often sold for so cheap.  The real thing produces far better results for users because it actually gets into the levels needed for it to work.

Saving Money and Losing Weight? The Two Go Hand and Hand

So you’re resolved that you will lose weight and save money this year? That’s a laudable goal and in fact, these two things are quite compatible with one another.  Yes, losing weight is great for you on its own.  You will not only gain energy, but huge health benefits as well.  However, did you know losing weight can help you save more than $5000 per year for things like transportation, insurance and other health costs?  It’s true, and new research indicates that the gains of weight loss truly go beyond just what we see in the mirror.

A recent study by George Washington University found that the overall annualized costs of being overweight in the US, relating to higher bills, an average salary that is lower and lost wages due to health problems is approximately $500 per year.  For the 33% of the US that is considered obese, this number is even larger: between $2500-5000 per year.  Of interest is not only the increased medical expenses such people incur over their lives, but also how it holds back our careers, advancement and income levels as well.  This study cleared showed a correlate between weight and average salary.

Three Major Areas You Can See Gains from Weight Loss

Save Money and Get HealthyIf you’re looking to get rid of a lot of unwanted weight, there are ways to do so and at the same time fill your wallet as well.  We hope some of these reasons only serve as a motivating factor for your success:

  1. Reduce Your Medical Bills – This is likely the most obvious thing that you reduce by losing weight, but it’s also extremely important to consider.  According to the GWU study which was cited above, those who are overweight (BMI 25-29) spent an additional $346 annually on direct and indirect medical costs.  However, for those considered obese (BMI >30) this was $800-2800 per year.These costs originated primarily from increased prescription drugs, as those who are overweight typically have worse overall health and more chronic health problems. Diseases such as diabetes are actually caused in large part by the person’s weight.  The GWU study did not attempt to calculate the risk factors for long term ailments which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat, such as heart disease, heart failure, or other chronic health effects.   Type 2 diabetes, for example, costs the average person $80,000 over their lifetime.
  2. Make More Money at Your Job – Not only does being overweight cost you when it comes to your medical bills, but it also impacts your ability to make money at your job and advance your career.  Despite our best intentions, people are still judged by their outer appearances.  In a 2011 study it was found that obese women made less money annually by approximately $5800 than their normal-weight counterparts.  This trend was further confirmed by the GWU study cited here.  There’s an inverse relationship with weight and income.Studies have identified many reasons this inverse relationship occurs, including biases against the overweight.  Obese workers historically work fewer days and make less doing so, they have a lower chance of promotion and less ability to move up within a business sector.  This is just a simple reality of the world we live in, and it’s unlikely to change much in the future as this trend has been persisting for generations according to research.  Absenteeism related to health problems that the overweight or obese face also directly impacts your career.
  3. Reduced Fuel and Transport Costs – This one is probably a bit of a surprise, but you actually use substantially more gas driving around if overweight than you may realize.  Fuel efficiency of a car will improve roughly 2-3% per 100 pounds removed from that car.  If someone, or multiple people, who drive together lose weight, the fuel costs will drop significantly.  In the US, if a person were to lose 50 pounds, their fuel costs would drop by around 1.5% annually.  The average fuel costs annually in the US are approximately $2000, so this is a savings you can take to the bank directly once you lose weight and get healthier.

Sure, the benefits to your appearance, health and energy are probably enough on their own to warrant strong attention to weight loss.  If you needed any more motivation, however, you need look no further than your wallet for why you need to get healthy and stay in shape.




Red Raspberry Extracts – A Potent Weight Loss Aid or Hype?

Many people are searching for effective ways to lose weight and get healthy.  However, they will quickly learn that trying to do so on your own, whether it’s with diet or exercise often fails to meet your long term goals.  For the most part, this isn’t the fault of the user or the dieter.  In an industry as large as the weight loss industry in the US, many things will skyrocket quickly to fame and then slowly fall back into oblivion later.  It’s difficult to know which methods actually will work and which will stick around given this fact.

One of the more famous treatments for obesity in recent years has been led by Dr. Oz on his television show.  He has shown great interest in various products available on the market today, especially if they produce rapid weight loss in users.  As a result, many studies have been conducted on which natural weight loss aids actually can help people lose weight, and which will not do so.  Doctor Oz found a new supplement aid, called raspberry ketones, which have had a lot of success in studies helping people to lose weight.  On average, people lost 20 to 30 pounds over 60 days using them without needing to change their diet at all.  There’s been a number of studies which have demonstrated the effectiveness of this method, which is why it’s been highlighted so much on his shown.

Raspberry Ketones as a Weight Loss Aid

Natural Red RaspberriesSince Dr. Oz also gave his seal of approval to this method, people have been using this product to help them lose weight.  This substance which is extracted from natural red raspberries is a type of phytochemical, which has a strong smell and is responsible for the smell of raspberries.  This ketone is similar to capsaicin, which is the compound found in red chili peppers which has also been shown in studies to help people increase their metabolism and burn more fat.

Studies on the effects of raspberry ketones for weight loss have been numerous and extensive.  Findings originally found some 3 years ago have now been confirmed by dozens of labs and research groups.  These ketones boost metabolism through signals to our body’s cells, increasing lipolysis via norepinephrine in our bodies.  When people eat a high fat diet and take these raspberry ketones, their body not only burns it off faster but also is prevented from absorbing lipids formed in our blood as easily.  Dr. Oz was quick to add on his show as well that people who dieted and exercised as well also lost significantly more than others who did not.  Though it’s not necessary to do so, ketones work best when paired with these things as well.

Succeeding While on This Diet

There’s no hard and fast rules about what you can and cannot do when taking raspberry ketones to help you lose weight.  However, it’s clear that some things help and other things hurt your progress generally.  For example, those that try to rely on the pill to “eat anything they want” may actually gain weight from their baseline as they consume massive amounts of food they did not do so before.  Others believe they’ll see overnight results, so managing your expectations is important for long term success.  You need to commit to a long term diet program that also includes major life style changes in order to have the best chances of success losing weight permanently.

Compared to other plant compounds and derivatives, raspberry ketones are in a class of their own.  They provide rapid weight loss to users and do so in a completely safe manner.  There’s been no real evidence out there of side effects because it’s a natural plant extract.  In addition, the results it offers are much greater than just dieting or exercise alone can offer.  Coupled with a proper weight loss plan, and a good high quality product, users can expect to see some great results within just a few weeks of use.

The Challenges We Face For Long Term Weight Loss

You may be surprised to learn that dieting has a 95% failure rate after only 1 year.  This may seem shocking, but it’s probably not surprising to many people who have tried dieting.  Between the magazines, TV show hypes and other crash diet methods without any clinical backing, people just cannot lose weight effectively on their own.  Studies indicate that for those who succeed and actually lose weight permanently, they have always developed a healthy diet and a method that produces rapid results.  The slower the results the person achieves, the worse their progress will be unfortunately.

A recent study from 2010 found that out of two groups of people who lost weight, one strategy clearly won out.  One group was put on a reduced calorie diet, and the other group was told to eat healthy (more natural foods, fruits or vegetables).  Contrary to what you may expect, the second group actually did significantly better than the first, and kept the weight off for longer as well.   Why did this happen?  Even after a full year down the road the group who ate foods that were healthier and better for them wound up having the most success and the longest lasting results.

Is Natural Dieting Really a Viable Alternative

Basket of Natural and Healthy FoodsWhy did the group who just tried to eat healthy do so well? Researchers found a few key things that they reported feeling better in regards to.  They felt far less pressure to do something a certain way, rather they just had a general idea “Eat Healthy and Natural Foods”.  There’s also a huge benefit that comes along with natural foods, and even makes someone feel so much better biologically, that they wind up demanding those foods all the time.  If you’ve ever been on a rigorous workout and healthy eating phase before, you know that your body adapts powerfully to these changes.  You’re happier and have a ton more energy.  They gave their body all of the nutrients and vitamins it needed to operate at an extremely high level.

This isn’t the first study showing this outcome.  Studies on this topic go back all the way to the 1970s, when it was found that dietary mental factors actually played a much bigger role than what the person even ate.  If a person had a healthy mind, and positive motives, as well as was choosing to eat healthier foods and adapt their diet around it, they succeeded far more often.  This can have huge effects on individuals who are aiming to lose weight and get healthy.

Is There Any Ways to Improve These Chances Even More?

There are several ways you can help yourself to see even faster and longer lasting results than just a switch over to healthier foods.  Let’s take a recent study for example using garcinia cambogia, a popular and effective metabolism booster and appetite suppressant.  Without any changes to a person’s diet, this product helped them lose 15 pounds per month.  This is a the extract of a natural fruit found in Africa.  A particular compound of this fruit has been shown in around 12 studies so far to boost weight loss tremendously, and it does so completely naturally.  Coupling this with  a more natural diet will result in rapid weight loss.

Much of the benefits of the natural diet come from its long term sustainability.  If using a product like garcinia cambogia to help you lose weight and keep healthy, you will often lose 30 to 40 pounds per month during the weight loss portion of this kind of program.  You can then just stop taking the garcinia once you hit your goal weight and just maintain the healthy and natural diet as described above (fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic meats).  This is by far one of the most effective ways to lose weight today and can really keep your progress high.

Weight Loss is Not Just a Matter of Motivation or Desire to Achieve Results

In order to lose weight, the level of motivation you have at the start is often not the deciding factor.  If you want to actually lose weight, you also need good information, from reliable sand objective sources.  The best place for this, not surprisingly, is actually from researchers or doctors who are looking at the most effective treatments in a clinical setting.  You can certainly try the more traditional diet and exercise methods, just don’t expect miracles to come about very easily using these methods.  However, this has many of its own problems that are difficult to deal with and overcome over long periods of time.

The support structure when you lose weight has been shown to be of critical importance for success when trying to lose weight on this program.  Studies clearly show that people who are held accountable by others during dieting actually have much better success losing weight.  Weight loss occurs most often in cases where people can pinpoint their own problems and work to correct them, but this can be difficult to do.    Steamed vegetables, for example, can substitute into our diets and replace many of the bad fried foods we like to eat instead.  Steamed vegetables are extremely tasty, and one of the best ways to cook vegetables to begin with.  It also prevents many of the raw nutrients, which are so good for us, from being destroyed in the cooking process.

Knowing Your Weaknesses and Strengths

Measuring Success Without a ScaleWhen people struggle to lose wight over and over again, they often have issues exercising and controlling their diets.  Recognizing these areas of difficulty and overcoming them is critical to succeed when losing weight.  For example, if you like waking up early in the mornings before work, try to set your alarm a bit earlier and do some cardiovascular exercise in the morning or some strength training.  If you enjoy staying up late, try to exercise when you get off from work and still have the energy to do so.  Doing this and setting a strict schedule for yourself can make all the difference when it comes to your success.

Unfortunately, many people quit their diet very early in the process, due to lack of results, expectations not matching realities or motivation disappearing.  This could be due to many reasons, whether it’s a lack of time to exercise, difficulty maintaining diets, or otherwise.  If you don’t have time to maintain your weight loss goals, then it’s difficult to achieve results.  That’s where proven treatments can really come in handy as well.  If you continue to make excuses for not losing weight, it will just persist indefinitely unfortunately.  A person needs not only motivation, but commitment as well.  Fortunately, there are many proven treatments out there that can actually help you if you are short on time to fully tackle dieting and exercise.

There are many treatments out there that can help you lose weight, naturally.  Scientists have spent decades trying to find treatments that are highly effective and with few side effects.  Fortunately, they’ve been able to find many such treatments that offer such benefits.  A new method, for example, which as proven to be highly successful is using extract from natural red raspberries called Raspberry Ketones.  This actually absorbs a sizable amount of the lipids our body produces, keeping it from being deposited as fat.  Other methods like using the HCG hormone or garcinia cambogia also have a long history of working very well in producing weight loss.  No matter which method you wind up choosing, all of them have proven to work quite well in studies and can offer some great additional help.

Simple Rules to Follow When Losing Weight

In spite all the difficulties we often feel when trying to shed pounds, it’s not a mysterious process.  Two major factors come into play, burning more calories than you consume, and keeping your metabolism high.  Both are fairly difficult things to do, as your metabolism will decrease significantly when you try to cut calories.  This actually creates periods of “plateaus” where weight loss is not only difficult, but slow.  There are only a few ways to increase your metabolism, and most of them are through various supplements.

The secret to weight loss is to make sustainable changes, ones that you intend on making permanent down the road.  You need to make small but steady changes to your diet until those changes just become routine and part of your life.  If you go on a rapid weight loss method like with HCG, you need to keep in mind that the maintenance afterward is just as important as losing the weight to begin with.  Sustaining your progress requires a sustainable approach to weight management.

Hard and Fast Rules for Weight Loss

Controlling Your Metabolism in DietingIn order to lose one pound of fat, a person has to burn over 3500 calories.  However, this may seem like you would have to exercise for a 4 or 5 hours per day to burn off that much weight, yet people can actually lose that much more rapidly in studies.  What gives?  The difference lies in your metabolism.  A person’s metabolism, if sped up properly, will burn off 200 to 300% more than it would normally just by sitting or walking.  That’s the secret for fast weight loss, and also the secret to keep it off forever.

Many people recommend that you calculate your BMR (or your basal metabolic rate).  This is what your body needs to maintain things like breathing and digestion, etc.  This is the minimum level you require.  There are a lot of calculators to choose from to do this online, but many of them will offer you a fairly good estimate of your number.  You need to eat at least this much each day (your body will burn off the rest it uses from stored fat).

You also need to calculate your daily activity level.  This is not always easy, because you burn calories at a different rate even for the same task throughout the day.  Track how much you walk each day, how much you exercise and a general idea of how much time you spend sitting throughout the day.  This will give you a rough estimate of the amount of activity you do per day and how many calories you are burning.

Last, but probably the most important, you have to count your food intake.  Contrary to a lot of the fad diets that claim you can eat anything, in order to succeed in weight loss you have to count your calories regularly.  This means daily caloric counting so you have a solid idea how much you are taking in.  You want to eat foods that are as natural as possible, which means no processed foods.  Foods such as fruits or vegetables are perfect just the way they are in their natural state.  This is what you should be eating, and avoiding all those processed products (like chips, or frozen dinners).

You take all of these numbers, and can calculate how much you burn in excess per day.  Your BMR plus activity burning should be greater than your food intake to lose weight.  However, your metabolism does not always cooperate with this unfortunately and can really slow down an disrupt this quickly.  Exercise to boost this or a proven treatment like HCG or garcinia can boost metabolism a lot to help you overcome many of these issues without needing to do anything drastic.