HCG Drops Vs. Injections for Weight Control

As we’ve discussed in the past, the HCG diet protocol is one of the most popular and effective weight loss treatments in the world today. Compared to traditional methods, people who use HCG will lose more total weight over the course of any diet program. The reasons for this are simple. The hormone works by directly boosting your metabolism in your brain and decreasing your appetite. The effects are so pronounced, that in numerous studies people will lose roughly 400 to 500% more total fat than just by cutting calories alone. These results are highly reliable, as the studies have shown. On average, people using this hormone would lose 20 or more pounds per 30 day period. This level matches up well with the goal of most physicians, who have identified in the past that people who lose weight more quickly are much more likely to succeed in the long term.

The HCG diet has always been offered in injections taken each day, but recent moves from researchers have pushed into other alternative methods to enable more people to take this great treatment. A new administration method had been making headway in recent years prompted by wide adoption with clinicians and their patients. Oral drops of HCG are now commonly taken in place of injections, and offer the same great results as studies have shown. A person need only place this under their tongue a few times per day and they will generate the same results as they would with the daily intravenous administration. However, there are still things to consider before diving into one method or the other as part of your protocol.

Injections vs Oral DropsOral Droplets vs Injections: Advantages and Things to Watch For

Injections are widely prescribed by doctors, as they can be mixed yourself on demand. They are also very effective, delivering the dosage directly to your body. Yet, as so many people have found out, it can be difficult, expensive and painful to commit to daily injections. Oral drops, however, are much less expensive and easier to take. You have to take them more often, unfortunately, and there are some major things to keep in mind before selecting any HCG drops for oral consumption.

There are many different types of HCG drops being sold today, and most of them are what are known as “homeopathic” or hormoneless products. These do not contain any actual HCG and instead claim that they “simulate” the same effect with some kind of amino acids. This is patently false, and there’s no scientific basis for these claims. Only actual HCG, such as from a product like from the well known HCG plus drops from http://www.hcgplusdrops.com, will actually work as demanded by the protocol. A minimum of 150 IUs of the hormone is required each and every day in order to induce weight loss as seen in the studies on the diet. This means that anything that claims to be “doing the same thing” without the real glycoprotein ingredient is heavily misrepresenting reality.

Yes, injections are a fantastic way to lose weight on the HCG diet, but if you do choose to go down the HCG drops route there are a few ways you can protect yourself from these fake products. There are simple ways to tell fakes from the real thing, just by what they contain. Firstly, the product should clearly indicate how much of the hormone it contains and list it in either IUs (the most common measurement) or milligrams of purified powder. Secondly, no real HCG can go without refrigeration once opened, and it should have a relatively short lifespan. Real HCG degrades over time when exposed to air, and it’s a sure sign it’s not the real hormone if this isn’t indicate anywhere. Lastly, no alcohol should be in the product. This means that if the product contains alcohol as its base ingredient, it will not actually work as intended with the diet.

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