The HCG Diet – A Rapid Weight Loss Program For the 21st Century

You’ve probably at some point heard of the HCG hormone.  Whether you heard about it from pregnancy scares, or test strips, or from its recent media attention due to its weight loss properties, you likely know about it.  Even if you don’t, the HCG hormone is fairly easy to understand: it’s the hormone women produce during their monthly cycle or when they’re pregnant.  The HCG diet has also hit the markets of late as a natural and effective weight loss treatment that helps boost a person’s metabolism and decrease their appetite.

Rapid HCG Weight Loss TechniquesThe HCG diet was first theorized and tested by Dr. ATW Simeons in the 1950s.  He noticed that woman have a higher metabolic rate during pregnancy, as their body is producing energy for two people.  As such he tried out the treatment on many people who needed to lose weight.  The results were staggering, with the average person losing between 20 to 30 pounds each and every month of use.  For this reason, millions of people have now tried the HCG diet to help them lose weight and have succeeded.

The HCG diet works in two unique ways.  It boosts the users metabolism directly, through biochemical signals sent to the brain, as well as decreases the person’s appetite.  These effects are unique to this hormone and are not found in any other known substances.  When a person goes on the HCG diet protocol they actually have to do several things as part of that diet in order to succeed.  It’s not as simple as just taking the hormone and going back to your old habits.  There are three phases each designed enable people to lose weight effectively and continuously throughout the program.

How the HCG Diet Works and How You Can Give It a Try

The HCG diet is broken down into three distinct phases, each with a specific goal in mind to enable people to lose weight.  It works by directly boosting metabolism, but in order to see real results, people must go on a reduced calorie diet.  This is possible because of the appetite suppressing effects of the hormone as well.  Phase one of the diet lasts only two to three days but is a period of gorging during which the person takes HCG.  After that, phase two is designed to reduce calories to 500 to 700 per day for a period of up to 57 days.  Whereas phase three is designed for the period after the hormone and allows you to maintain the weight that’s been lost indefinitely.

HCG has been administered via injections for many years, however, in recent years it’s also been administered often via oral droplets placed under the user’s tongue.  This is a much better way of taking the hormone, as it’s completely pain-free and easily administered to patients.  However, not all hcg are real.  Sure real products exist out there, like, however these are the exception to the general rule.  Most manufacturers nowadays are only selling what they like to call “hormone-free” or homeopathic HCGs which don’t contain any of the actual hormone.  It’s important to consider dosage of HCG when taking the hormone orally.

In order to achieve the results seen in studies, users must take in at least 150 IUs of the hormone per day sublingually.  However, these products almost never contain even 1 IU per day, which is why they’re often sold for so cheap.  The real thing produces far better results for users because it actually gets into the levels needed for it to work.

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