The Paleo Diet – A Modern Method for Weight Control Gaining Steam

More so than with other diets out there today, the paleo diet is gaining support rapidly among clinicians and their patients.  This likely comes as no surprise for many who have heard of this diet, and read the studies.  This diet is based upon the “stone age” or “caveman” style plans.  The studies on this topic have identified a method that is not only highly effective, but safe for users in need of rapid and significant weight loss as well.

The Paleo diet bases the foods you eat upon the typical foods our species ate before the agricultural development of farming some 10,000 years ago.  Our species evolved as a nomadic group, which ate whatever food was available at the time.  This is what best serves our biology, according to this program.  Much research actually supports the intake of lean meats and natural fruits and vegetables as a highly effective way to lose weight and keep healthy.  As a result, the paleo diet has grown as a methodology used by many today.

Food Groups that are Part of the Paleo Diet

Food that is permitted on this dieet method are things like fibrous vegetables, meats/fish, berries and fruits and nuts or seeds.  The human species has been eating these foods for around 2.5 million years.  As a result these foods are what we can digest and deal with easiest.  Most of the food available today, particularly the processed garbage that most people eat, hasn’t existed in our diet for more than a few hundred years.  Our bodies just do not run properly on this type of food, and better quality and more natural ingredients are required to slose weight and stay healthy.

The kinds of modern foods that are removed as part of the paleo diet include: grains, legumes, dairy, processed oils, or highly processed foods such as anything with corn syrup in it.  These things are found in thousands of foods we typically consume at our local grocery stores.  Avoiding them as it turns out is one of the safest and most effective methods to lose weight and stay healthy.

Food Choices for Paleo DietAdvantages to the Paleo Diet

There are many reasons to go on this diet, as there is s a huge list of concerns that are closely tied to maintaining a poor diet.  By far the most deadly things in the world today are the diseases humans develop from a poor diet.  In order to achieve the best results possible. you need to take in the right nutrients into your body, otherwise you risk problems down the road.

The structure of the paleo diet is designed to augment the needs of your body directly.  Feeding our body the right foods help our metabolism, help decrease appetite and help us lose weight.  This shouldn’t be a huge surprise for those that have tried cutting out some of their processed foods before (such as soda, which often results in significant and rapid weight loss on its own).

Two Major Payoffs for this Strategy

1) Cutting Your Risk of Disease

There are interactions that exist between your body and your environment, what kind of foods you’re eating as well as your health and performance.  Diet and nutrition all have a huge impact on your body and your health, which is no surprise.  The paleo diet has been proven to cut fat in many studies on this topic, allowing users to quickly lose weight, stay healthy, and cut their risk of disease.  Many of the world’s biggest killers are things related to obesity and weight gain such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as hypertension.  All of these are closely related to the foods you eat and your diet.

2) Improving the Performance of Your Body 

Your genes and the food you eat have major impacts on your physiology, which is no surprise.  Your health and body performance have a huge impact on your livelihood and your mood as well.  Your digestive and immune systems are highly dependent upon the foods you eat and the dieting you undertake.  The healthier you eat the better your body will feel and you as well.  The nutrients we eat every day have a huge impact on the signals of our body to our brain and how much energy we produce.  For paleo diet methods, we are better adapted to digest and process these sorts of foods.  In addition, they have almost all of the nutrients we need to lose weight and feel healthy.  As a result they offer some stellar benefits for patients.

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