Fat Burning

Tea Drinking – An Easy Way To Tackle Weight Loss in Increase Health

Many people are under the mistaken assumption that drinking tea is not something that should be encouraged. This is not entirely wrong, but tea itself is not why it’s true. Milk and sugar are often added to tea, which can be quite bad to regularly have as part of your diet. However, tea is very good for you on its own, in particular natural high antioxidant teas like green tea or white tea. Tea helps by increasing metabolism and decreasing appetite in people who drink it naturally. For example, new research clearly showed a decrease in reported “desire for food” among those that took green tea supplements each day. There are various kinds of teas out there, from green to oolong teas, all with their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you hear anyone bring up Chinese tea, they probably think about the health benefits immediately. White tea is now taking off in popularity after having been used in China for centuries to improve health. White tea is different than green tea, and it’s considered more “aromatic” as well. This tea helps remove the amount of blood borne toxins that you typically have, and has high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants help reduce your risk of cancer and cardiac related diseases by reducing free radicals in your body. A particular type of white tea known as ‘Silver Needle’ is often used to treat fever and inflammation and has some sound scientific basis for its claims to do so.

Varied Chinese Tea OptionsWhy Green Tea is Such a Popular Choice

Green tea is often the preferred choice for those new to using tea to help them live a healthier life. It’s easy to see why once you look at the science behind it. Studies have found that green tea actually contains something called EGCG which helps people lose weight and lower cholesterol. Green tea, because it’s not processed in any way, has these ingredients in their most natural forms and at the highest concentrations. There are many forms of antioxidants found in green tea as well, such as polyphenols, which have been shown to be quite effective in reducing cancer risk and improving overall health. Reserach on this is so one sided in favor of green tea’s benefits, that doctors are now directly prescribing green tea supplements (highly concentrated forms of the tea) to their patients.

Other Types of Teas

There are more types of teas out there than green and white. A lot of people are now drinking two different teas called Puerh and Black tea. Puerh is very popular because it helps people lose weight. It contains specific ingredients which have been shown in lab studies to boost metabolism directly. It also works in a way that directly reduces plaque buildup in arteries by reducing lipid production in our cells. Lipids are the things that cause fat to be stored in our bodies, a complex protein that is attacked by the unique antioxidants in tea. Studies have shown that people significantly reduce their weight with a tea like Puerh with little modification to their diet.

Oolong tea (another name for black tea) is another alternative to any of these choices. Black teas are fermented for long periods to draw out flavors and enhance taste. As a result, they contain new antioxidants not found in other teas that are produced during fermentation. Theaflavins, for example, have been proven in studies to reduce the frequency of cell degradation. In addition, the same ingredients listed above for weight loss have also been found in black teas. Oolong tea is a great alternative as well because it helps remove risk of cancer, help increase longevity and even improve blood circulation in the body.

Red Raspberry Extracts – A Potent Weight Loss Aid or Hype?

Many people are searching for effective ways to lose weight and get healthy.  However, they will quickly learn that trying to do so on your own, whether it’s with diet or exercise often fails to meet your long term goals.  For the most part, this isn’t the fault of the user or the dieter.  In an industry as large as the weight loss industry in the US, many things will skyrocket quickly to fame and then slowly fall back into oblivion later.  It’s difficult to know which methods actually will work and which will stick around given this fact.

One of the more famous treatments for obesity in recent years has been led by Dr. Oz on his television show.  He has shown great interest in various products available on the market today, especially if they produce rapid weight loss in users.  As a result, many studies have been conducted on which natural weight loss aids actually can help people lose weight, and which will not do so.  Doctor Oz found a new supplement aid, called raspberry ketones, which have had a lot of success in studies helping people to lose weight.  On average, people lost 20 to 30 pounds over 60 days using them without needing to change their diet at all.  There’s been a number of studies which have demonstrated the effectiveness of this method, which is why it’s been highlighted so much on his shown.

Raspberry Ketones as a Weight Loss Aid

Natural Red RaspberriesSince Dr. Oz also gave his seal of approval to this method, people have been using this product to help them lose weight.  This substance which is extracted from natural red raspberries is a type of phytochemical, which has a strong smell and is responsible for the smell of raspberries.  This ketone is similar to capsaicin, which is the compound found in red chili peppers which has also been shown in studies to help people increase their metabolism and burn more fat.

Studies on the effects of raspberry ketones for weight loss have been numerous and extensive.  Findings originally found some 3 years ago have now been confirmed by dozens of labs and research groups.  These ketones boost metabolism through signals to our body’s cells, increasing lipolysis via norepinephrine in our bodies.  When people eat a high fat diet and take these raspberry ketones, their body not only burns it off faster but also is prevented from absorbing lipids formed in our blood as easily.  Dr. Oz was quick to add on his show as well that people who dieted and exercised as well also lost significantly more than others who did not.  Though it’s not necessary to do so, ketones work best when paired with these things as well.

Succeeding While on This Diet

There’s no hard and fast rules about what you can and cannot do when taking raspberry ketones to help you lose weight.  However, it’s clear that some things help and other things hurt your progress generally.  For example, those that try to rely on the pill to “eat anything they want” may actually gain weight from their baseline as they consume massive amounts of food they did not do so before.  Others believe they’ll see overnight results, so managing your expectations is important for long term success.  You need to commit to a long term diet program that also includes major life style changes in order to have the best chances of success losing weight permanently.

Compared to other plant compounds and derivatives, raspberry ketones are in a class of their own.  They provide rapid weight loss to users and do so in a completely safe manner.  There’s been no real evidence out there of side effects because it’s a natural plant extract.  In addition, the results it offers are much greater than just dieting or exercise alone can offer.  Coupled with a proper weight loss plan, and a good high quality product, users can expect to see some great results within just a few weeks of use.