February 2, 2014

The Challenges We Face For Long Term Weight Loss

You may be surprised to learn that dieting has a 95% failure rate after only 1 year.  This may seem shocking, but it’s probably not surprising to many people who have tried dieting.  Between the magazines, TV show hypes and other crash diet methods without any clinical backing, people just cannot lose weight effectively on their own.  Studies indicate that for those who succeed and actually lose weight permanently, they have always developed a healthy diet and a method that produces rapid results.  The slower the results the person achieves, the worse their progress will be unfortunately.

A recent study from 2010 found that out of two groups of people who lost weight, one strategy clearly won out.  One group was put on a reduced calorie diet, and the other group was told to eat healthy (more natural foods, fruits or vegetables).  Contrary to what you may expect, the second group actually did significantly better than the first, and kept the weight off for longer as well.   Why did this happen?  Even after a full year down the road the group who ate foods that were healthier and better for them wound up having the most success and the longest lasting results.

Is Natural Dieting Really a Viable Alternative

Basket of Natural and Healthy FoodsWhy did the group who just tried to eat healthy do so well? Researchers found a few key things that they reported feeling better in regards to.  They felt far less pressure to do something a certain way, rather they just had a general idea “Eat Healthy and Natural Foods”.  There’s also a huge benefit that comes along with natural foods, and even makes someone feel so much better biologically, that they wind up demanding those foods all the time.  If you’ve ever been on a rigorous workout and healthy eating phase before, you know that your body adapts powerfully to these changes.  You’re happier and have a ton more energy.  They gave their body all of the nutrients and vitamins it needed to operate at an extremely high level.

This isn’t the first study showing this outcome.  Studies on this topic go back all the way to the 1970s, when it was found that dietary mental factors actually played a much bigger role than what the person even ate.  If a person had a healthy mind, and positive motives, as well as was choosing to eat healthier foods and adapt their diet around it, they succeeded far more often.  This can have huge effects on individuals who are aiming to lose weight and get healthy.

Is There Any Ways to Improve These Chances Even More?

There are several ways you can help yourself to see even faster and longer lasting results than just a switch over to healthier foods.  Let’s take a recent study for example using garcinia cambogia, a popular and effective metabolism booster and appetite suppressant.  Without any changes to a person’s diet, this product helped them lose 15 pounds per month.  This is a the extract of a natural fruit found in Africa.  A particular compound of this fruit has been shown in around 12 studies so far to boost weight loss tremendously, and it does so completely naturally.  Coupling this with  a more natural diet will result in rapid weight loss.

Much of the benefits of the natural diet come from its long term sustainability.  If using a product like garcinia cambogia to help you lose weight and keep healthy, you will often lose 30 to 40 pounds per month during the weight loss portion of this kind of program.  You can then just stop taking the garcinia once you hit your goal weight and just maintain the healthy and natural diet as described above (fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic meats).  This is by far one of the most effective ways to lose weight today and can really keep your progress high.